Why register on Hexeko?
If you are a manager of a sports club or if you organize sports events, Hexeko is the ideal tool to attract new customers and boost your activity. Our service is free of charge and without commitment.

Once registered, you will have an Hexeko account that will allow you to manage your bookings, modify your club/event profile and send us invoices.

The advantages:
1) Generate income in a simple and immediate way.
2) No fixed costs: Hexeko is remunerated exclusively on a commission basis.
3) Visibility: all Hexeko users will be able to book sports sessions in your club or to participate in your event.
4) No additional administrative work.
5) Payment security: you are paid at the end of each month.
How to become a partner of Hexeko?
If you are interested in becoming a Hexeko partner, simply complete the registration form via the "Become a partner" button. Registration is free and without commitment.

The profile of your club/event will then be examined by our teams within a maximum of 72 hours.
What happens after I complete my registration?
The process is the following:

1. You register.
2. We check your information.
3. The Hexeko team contacts you.
4. Uploading of your club/event on Hexeko!

NB: If you have registered but not yet heard from us, don't worry, we are currently checking your information and will contact you as soon as possible.
Will I be able to update the information I entered when I registered?
Yes, once your registration is complete, you will be able to update your information at any time via your personal account on the Hexeko partners platform.
When will my club/event be online?
Once your registration is complete and your information has been checked, we will send you an email to collect the necessary information in order to launch your club/event on Hexeko.
How are the payments made?
At the end of the month, you send an invoice to Hexeko ( with all the bookings at your base rate minus the commission. We will pay you within 15 days of receiving payment from the customer.
What is the amount of the commission?
The commission depends on the type of partner. It is negotiated directly with the Hexeko team. After your registration you will be contacted by email.

The percentage of this commission will be indicated on the partnership agreement that you will have to sign before your club/event is online.
Is there a contract to sign?
Yes, each partner must sign a partnership agreement before launching their club/event on Hexeko. This agreement will be sent by e-mail after the online registration.
Do I have to confirm all bookings?
Booking confirmations depend on the type of sport your club offers.

Indeed, 2 scenarios are possible:

1. Your club offers sports where it is necessary to book a field (ex: tennis, squash, mini-football, group lessons...). In this case, you will have to confirm or decline each booking made by the customers.
2. Your club offers sports where it is not necessary to book a field (ex: fitness, swimming, CrossFit...). Then you will not have to confirm or decline each booking.
Can a customer cancel a booking?
Yes, a customer can cancel his booking. You will be notified at each cancellation by email.
What happens if a customer cancels his booking?
If a customer cancels his booking, you will receive an email confirming the cancellation and it will automatically be indicated on your Hexeko profile.
How long can a user cancel his session before the booking?
If the customer cancels it more than 72 hours before the booking, he will be refunded and you will not be able to charge Hexeko for this session.
If the customer cancels it less than 72 hours before the booking, he will not be refunded and you can invoice Hexeko for this session.
How do customers pay for their bookings?
Customers pay for their sports sessions straightaway on the platform with their credits.
What happens if the customer does not show up?
We are responsible for all the Hexeko users. If one of them doesn't show up for his sports session, you will still be paid at the end of the month.
Do I have to pay a Hexeko subscription?
No commitment, no subscription!

We undertake that you will not pay anything until no customer has booked a session in your club/event. We use a commission-based system.
What happens if a customer books a timeslot that is not available in your club?
This only occurs when your club offers sports where it is necessary to book a field.

For each booking you will receive an email. On this email, you will have the possibility to either confirm or cancel the booking. If you have confirmed the booking and then slot is not available, you can always decline it.
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